The Problem

You know the moment: The operator has announced over the speakers those dreaded words, “Code Blue.” From across the hospital, staff drop what they are doing and converge where the help is needed. Chest compressions begin, an airway is established, meds start getting pushed. Chaos ensues.

From the chaos, someone pulls a napkin, a paper towel, maybe a glove or a piece of paper and begins jotting down some records. Hopefully, every few minutes, someone reminds the team to pause to check for a pulse, or that it is time to give another dose of epinephrine.

Finally, when all is finished, several nurses will sit down and spend several hours trying to reconstruct the event into a record that hopefully is accurate.

Benefits of CodeAlert

> Accurate Point-of-Care Records

> Prompts Based on A.C.L.S.

> Risk Mitigation for Organizations

> Make Better Use of Staff & Resources

Implement CodeAlert

Implement CodeAlert into your professional medical system like others already have.

  • • Hospitals
  • • Surgery Centers
  • • Nursing Homes

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Trama & Chaos

A Code Blue Event that results in chaotic record keeping which is compounded by human error and stress while trying to cope with an emergency.

Incorrect Resuscitation

Providers may be unsure as to what the correct algorithm is to follow; this exposes them to higher legal risk and the patient to danger.

Record Discrepancies

The Nursing staff must reconstruct the story. Because this is done after the fact, there can be discrepancies in the record.

Agnostic Solutions

Although there are point solutions to keep records, they are tied to brand-specific resuscitation equipment, which limits their broad adoptability.

THE SOLUTION: Accurate Point of Care

CodeAlert is a Windows/web enabled application that allows point-of-care record keeping during a cardio – pulmonary resuscitation (code). CodeAlert improves record keeping efficiency by maintaining accurate records as the event is unfolding.

CodeAlert has been adopted by healthcare professions who easily implemented into their resuscitation event workflows.


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